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STE Live Force on Force

The Army's future training capability is the STE. The goal of the STE is to enable tough, iterative, dynamic, and realistic multi-echelon/combined arms maneuver, mission rehearsal, and mission command collective training in support of multi-domain operations.

S/SVT Weapons Optimization

The S/SVT WO prototype will provide Soldiers with an affordable instrumented and/or surrogate squad weapon compatible with Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) Augmented Reality Head Mounted Displays (HMD).

Contingency Response Wing Mobile Power Generation (CRW MPG)

The CRW MPG capability will provide soldiers with a Mobile Power Generation system which is 1) lighter; 2) presents a reduced footprint; 3) utilizes a variable output (30KvM and 60 KvM); and 4) more reliable than the Mobile Electronic Power 805/806 currently in use by the DoD Global Response Force.