Who We Are

The National Security Technology Accelerator (NSTXL) prospects and develops innovative technology from the across the broad commercial and non-traditional defense marketplace, ensuring the development of better, cheaper, and faster defense capabilities that enhance mission and support the Warfighter.

NSTXL offers a unique and simplified approach to rapidly identify, develop and transition technologies that address a range of operational and installation challenges for the U.S. Department of Defense, from individual Warfighter technology to large-scale defense systems. Utilizing a robust innovation platform, NSTXL serves as a one-stop shop to match Warfighter needs with innovative solutions from industry and academia.

A Dynamic Model for the New Era of Innovation

Tapping the Broad Innovation Ecosystem

Innovation is more distributed than at any point in history. NSTXL prospects solutions across the entire innovation ecosystem to ensure access to the best available technologies regardless of the size, location or type of innovator.

Providing an Open Source Platform

Relying on a single membership, database or location to identify technology solutions stifles innovation and competition. NSTXL brings an open source platform approach to prospect solutions from a broad group of innovators.

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Customizing User Experience

A one-size fits all approach to technology prospecting, acquisition and transition is not a solution. The NSTXL platform is designed to provide a nimble process that can be customized to support the specific needs of each individual technology project.

Serving as an Honest Broker

The distributed innovation landscape makes it difficult to know which technologies are the most promising. NSTXL is a non-profit organization that takes no equity stake or any other positionin any technologies we discover. Our incentives are aligned with the Warfighter and mission success.


Prospect and Vet


NSTXL provides the government access to a large, continuously growing global network of technologies, entrepreneurs, investors and experts. We help refine needs and find the right technologies, separating the truly viable from the false claims. Our dynamic prospecting efforts occur on a continuous cycle year-round.


NSTXL identifies potential military applications for their technology. Our large network offers access and opportunities for members to progress in their development and find value adding partnerships. NSTXL networks and events offer a forum for broad, creative thinking to find new applications for viable technologies.

Mentor and Develop


NSTXL brings expertise in private sector innovation and commercialization. We understand how innovation happens and how the government can best plug into existing innovation communities. Our expansive networks include access to industry experts from a wide range of technology categories.NSTXL helps the government effectively and efficiently navigate the privatesector to find the right technology to solve tough challenges.


NSTXL brings a comprehensive understanding of existing and emerging military technology challenges. NSTXL provides exposure to new markets and buyers in the government and the commercial sector. NSTXL mentors our members to prepare them for successful interactions with U.S. national security organizations and stakeholders.

Match and Deliver


NSTXL helps government customers conduct rapid prototyping, demonstration and testing of new technologies, providing a platform to refine existing technology for military use. Our process and programs increase the government’s awareness, reach and access to a wide landscape of cutting edge technology, enabling the government to test technologies prior to long-term acquisition commitments.


NSTXL members receive greater exposure for their technologies from both the public and private sectors. NSTXL generates opportunities formembers to match capabilities and technology to Government challenges both individually as well as part of large integrated system solutions in partnership with other members. If selected for a technology project, NSTXL supports our members throughout the life-cycle of that project.


NSTXL is pioneering a new way for the U.S. Department of Defense to rapidly innovate in support of the Warfighter. Our approach allows defense innovation to advance from concept to contract within as little as 60 days versus the typical 18-24 month time horizon. Our team of innovators, entrepreneurs, former military operators and former defense contractors partner with leading edge solution providers to ensure delivery on time and within budget of the ideal solution for the Warfighter.To date, NSTXL boasts a 100% technology matching success rate. By accelerating the contracting cycle and leveraging our open source network, NSTXL delivers technology at the speed of mission.


Identify Needs
Identify Needs

  • Define and clarify technology gaps
  • Support development of requirements
  • Provide insight in technology trends and capabilities
  • Adapt to existing program structure

Prospect and Vet
Prospect and Vet

  • Provide open source network of innovators
  • Engage Subject Matter Experts to prospect for innovative solutions
  • Identify viable and relevant technology entities and innovators
  • Vet credibility and capability of technologies

Present and Select
Present and Select

  • Provide a robust technology matching process
  • Streamline identification of solutions
  • Present vetted solutions to government
  • Enable efficient selection of innovative solutions

Award and Monitor
Award and Monitor

  • Provide rapid contracting capability
  • Deliver effective contract management support
  • Support execution of project
  • Monitor performance and maintain accountability


Assess Capabilities
Assess Capabilities

  • Understand technology capability
  • Determine operational capacity
  • Brainstorm potential applications
  • Provide select technology development support

Connect to Opportunity
Connect to Opportunity

  • Provide access to potential partnerships and buyers
  • Match capability to government needs
  • Support the development of technology White Paper
  • Facilitate presentation to potential buyers


  • Provide insight to government process and requirements
  • Support the development of proposals and project plans
  • Facilitate the submission of proposals to government

Develop and Deliver
Develop and Deliver

  • Establish project delivery plan
  • Provide project management support
  • Coordinate testing and delivery of solution
  • Manage award process with government