Electro-Optical/Infrared Weather Systems (EWS) Weather Data as a Service (WxDaaS)

The United States Space Force (USSF), Space Systems Command (SSC) Development Corp, is performing market research to identify sources capable of providing weather data as a service (WxDaaS) to the Government and to obtain preliminary cost and schedule estimates. The Government will use this information to inform a decision on whether to acquire this service under the SpEC Consortium as a prototype using Other Transaction Authority (OTA). A solicitation is being considered for release in late FY2022 depending on the market research results.

Improved Environmental Control Units (IECU) Prototype Project

Improved Environmental Control Units (IECUs) are portable modular units that heat and cool shelters housing Soldiers and sensitive electronics. The overarching IECU program is underway, with systems in production. The U.S. Army, Product Manager – Force Sustainment Systems (PM-FSS) is now looking toward future needs, initiating an R&D project that seeks to develop and apply technologies introducing new necessary capabilities...

TReX - Cyber Warfare Prototyping Flexible Cross Domain (CWP FXD)

The Cyber Warfare Department (CWD), under the organizational structure of Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) Digital Analytics Infrastructure & Technology Advancement (DAiTA) Group, develops and assesses cyber warfare capabilities for mission assurance, increased warfighting system lethality, and defend Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) weapon systems (including aircraft, unmanned vehicles, weapons, and sensors) and directly corresponding support systems (including data links, mission planning systems, maintenance systems, and logistics systems). At present, CWD has determined current security measures are inadequately designed for weapon systems and the corresponding support systems.

Electronic Warfare Test (EWT) Prototype Projects

Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training, & Instrumentation (PEO STRI) Program Manager Cyber, Test, and Training (PM CT2) Instrumentation Management Office’s (IMO) Test and Evaluation Prototyping Program (TEPP) will conduct prototyping to address the critical gaps in T&E capabilities as identified by the DoD Test Resource Management Center (TRMC)...

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PEO STRI Request for Network Insight (RNI): Technology Focus Areas

This TReX announcement is intended to pulse NSTXL’s Innovation Network to discover potential solutions...


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