small Unmanned Arial Systems (sUAS) Advanced Technique Development

S²MARTS Project No. 21-14
23 MARCH 2022

S2MARTS Project 21-14 sUAS Advanced Technique Development has been cancelled. This decision is at the Government’s sole discretion. The project sponsor cancelled the award due to an FY22 budget shortfall and de-prioritization of this requirement. NSWC Crane and NSTXL appreciate your patience during the evaluation period and recognize the time and resources invested in the proposal process. We hope you will continue to monitor the upcoming S2MARTS opportunities and look forward to supporting your future efforts.

1 November 2021

Please be advised that the S2MARTS Project 21-14 sUAS has been put on hold at the current time. It is anticipated that the Government will re-evaluate the status of this specific project near the end of FY22 Quarter 2. If funding becomes available, the RFS will be reviewed for any technological changes or impacts since the original posting. Updated proposals may also be requested at that time.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to [email protected].


The Department of the Navy (DoN) is seeking support in the area of sUAS Advanced Technique Development.

The Department of Defense (DoD) desires to develop advance Electronic Warfare (EW) countermeasures that can be implemented within a Software Define Radio (SDR) to defend against sUAS threats. Over the past years these devices have evolved tremendously due to the introduction of low-cost and highly capable flight control systems that utilize machine learning, artificial intelligence, advanced sensors, autonomous flight and robust command and control (C2) links. During 2016, various groups ranging from common criminals to adversaries of the United States acknowledged the extreme capabilities that these sUAS possess and devised ways to utilize them for nefarious purposes. This included delivering contraband within prisons to delivering explosive devices over US and Foreign Military personnel and infrastructures. This introduced the necessity for countermeasures to combat this new and quickly growing threat.

Currently, techniques are still being quickly developed and implemented within the system. The DoD has determined that the need for additional developers is necessary to keep pace with the advancements of sUAS technology. Enhancements to these sUAS are ever-growing giving our adversaries more capabilities to successfully perform ill-intent missions. The ability to rapidly develop effective and efficient techniques is critical to the success of our mission.

Successful completion will be determined from an in-person brief and demonstration utilizing a commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardware (i.e. Ettus) to show the effectiveness of the developed technique(s) on a sUAS.