RNI: RAMP Advanced SoC

Update | 17 May 2021

Revision I

This S2MARTS announcement is intended to pulse NSTXL’s Innovation Network and the Defense Industrial Base at large to discover potential applications that would benefit from state-of-the-art SoCs. This request is for planning purposes only and does not constitute a Request for Solution or an invitation to submit formal proposals. The Government & NSTXL are not liable for reimbursing any costs associated with response preparation.

This Request for Information (RFI) is seeking input from the US Defense Industrial Base (DIB) on DoD use cases that would benefit from the use of advanced SoC commercial chipsets. In response to this RFI, the DIB should include:

  • A high-level description of the use case, including which commercial chipset features are of interest and where the chipset may need personalization.
  • A system architecture diagram showing how the chip or System in a Package (SiP) would be packaged onto a board and, as appropriate, what interfaces would be used for communications.

A response also indicates willingness to participate in up to two hours of meetings with the RAMP Government Team within the 2021 timeframe to better understand the use case and workflows. This information will be used for the Government to evaluate workflow updates that could enable direct adoption of advanced commercial chipsets into future DoD systems.