The following is an summary from our 2022 Year in Review.

The strength of our national security is dependent on getting the best technology to the end-user before our enemies. That can only happen when the government can rapidly acquire cutting-edge technology quickly and with less wasted resources. By combining a modern acquisition approach with the flexibility of Other Transaction Authorities (OTA) the government can acquire technology faster and more efficiently than ever.

In 2022, we welcomed 300 new member organizations across 64 technology focus areas, 75% representing Small, Non-Traditional organizations. Our member’s top technology areas this year included 5G, Microelectronics, Hypersonics, and Space Awareness.

“What began as a network focused specifically on advanced energy technologies has now expanded to cover a wide array of technologies spanning the entire innovation ecosystem,” said NSTXL Founder and CEO Tim Greeff. “We have supported projects that are redefining satellite communication in space, building a new generation of microelectronics foundries on U.S. soil, expanding United States Hypersonic capabilities, and engineering virtual training simulators to support our warfighters and first responders. And the potential for innovation doesn’t stop there. In 2022, we released 44 opportunities across each program supported by 224 performers. We hosted more than 90 events in person and virtually, utilizing Human-Centric Design Thinking to support problem definition and requirement development”.

This year, our members and government partners have made a tremendous impact seeing mission-critical prototypes through to award, including TETRA-5, DARC, FORGE SSP, AMTP, PADM, IECU, CWP FXD, HAMTC, MACH-TB, KANAGAWA, EWT.

However, the journey is far from over. Recent events illustrate how quickly technological edge can be lost and how crucial eternal vigilance in technological excellence is to a more peaceful, prosperous world. The valley of death is a familiar concept to commercial innovators and government program offices. Traditional contracting methods do nothing to lower the risk of prototypes and ideas sitting on a shelf. 

That’s where NSTXL and OTAs come in.

NSTXL manages contracting vehicles that cover the most sought-after emerging technologies on the DoD’s priority list, including microelectronics, space domain, communication, hypersonics, and 5G. A key differentiator with OTAs is their broad technology reach that covers many of the DoD’s priority emerging technology needs. This flexibility to acquire technology under specific focus areas allows program offices to be agile when selecting the best contracting method for their domain.

We are committed to connecting the Department of Defense with the nation’s leading technology innovators. But that’s only a piece of the puzzle. To truly support the mission, we also focus on building…

  • Customized acquisition strategies to fit program needs and reduce risk.
  • An engaged and interconnected innovator network to facilitate partnerships.
  • Transparent commercial term contracting to reduce timelines.
  • Modern-day market research and strategies to maximize competition.
  • Open-source technology prospecting to deliver more innovative solutions.

We bring the smartest people together to solve the government’s toughest challenges. Driven by a shared passion for quickly delivering critical technologies to the end-user, we are redefining government and industry collaboration.

Join us in looking back on this last year in the full 2022 Year in Review.