The National Security Technology Accelerator (NSTXL) engages industry, academia and other subject matter experts broadly to expedite development, demonstration, and delivery of cutting edge technology capabilities in support of the U.S. Department of Defense. NSTXL provides the US military with a means to rapidly identify, vet, prototype and deliver cutting edge technologies across the defense and non-defense modeling and simulation sectors. Our platform is flexible and allows for the Government to utilize NSTXL whether the requirement is very well defined or completely undefined. NSTXL supports the Government customer throughout the entire lifecycle of technology innovation from ideation through prototype development and technology transition.


NSTXL provides the Government with a true honest broker to support engagement across the private sector and academia. Supporting the Warfighter is not just a catchphrase for NSTXL. This mission is engrained in our organizational and operational DNA. We go to great lengths to ensure no conflict of interest in our programs and activities while simultaneously striving to ensure efficient, transparent transactions throughout the innovation process, including:

Taking no equity position of any kind in any technologies

Traditional accelerators require an equity position to support technologies or bring opportunities for engagement with the Government. NSTXL puts the Warfighter first by providing access to non-dilutive capital to innovative technologies to encourage engagement with the Government.

Aligning bottom line incentives with results

NSTXL requires no up front payment from a program office in order to engage our services. If we do not deliver a technology solution and get it on contract, you owe us nothing. Our model removes the up front risk of innovation from the Government and puts it on our own shoulders. To date, we boast a 100% matching rate for technology solutions for solicitations run through the Accelerator.

Reducing barriers to entry for new technologies

NSTXL is a high-performing network of networks. Our open source platform is inclusive of innovators across the innovation ecosystem regardless of size, organization type or location. There is no cost for innovators to view solicitations released through NSTXL.

Prioritizing customer service

NSTXL works hard to ensure seamless engagements between the public and private sectors. Our members are better prepared to do business with the Government. Our support throughout the lifecycle of innovation ensures a smoother experience on both sides.


Innovation requires iteration.The NSTXL platform offers the Government to range to engage across the innovation lifecycle and the flexibility to engage at any point within it.

Technology Push Chart - NSTXL
  • Problem Definition and Ideation

    The rapid technology landscape brings new challenges as well as new solutions. Finding the right solutions requires a firm understanding of both the problem and the art of the possible in new technology. NSTXLengages with the Government early in the process to help define the technology gap and determine potential solutions sets based on best available technology available as well as the best emerging technology capabilities.

  • Technology Prospecting

    Solving emerging technology challenges requires engaging an increasingly large community of innovators. NSTXL brings ‘open source’ functionality to the U.S. Department of Defense. We prospect across the entire innovation ecosystem to find the most cutting edge technology capabilities whether they reside at a small start-up, a university, a technology incubator, a laboratory or elsewhere. NSTXL proactively engages the technology community to seek out solutions on demand.

  • Rapid Contracting and Acquisition

    Innovation in the military can only move as quickly as the contracting process allows. NSTXL utilizes a rapid contracting vehicle known as an Other Transaction Authority (OTA) to enable rapid contracting, prototyping and delivery of proven technology solutions. NSTXL is delivering a first-of-its-kind, customized process to ensure efficient contracting and acquisition to deliver technology at a private sector pace.

  • Prototype Development

    The unique needs and operating environments of the military require technologies to be tested and validated to ensure the delivery of a technology solution. NSTXL provides the Government a streamlined platform to identify and refine technologies critical to training and readiness. NSTXL enables the Government to quickly get prototypes into the hands of the Warfighter for user feedback and iteration in order to better inform future materiel requirements, reduce development risk and expedite procurement of crucial technologies.

  • Technology Transition

    NSTXL is designed to get technology to the Warfighter quickly. Once validated, the technology is only useful when in the hands of the end user. Our platform will ensure support throughout the process to ensure that the technology solution, once identified and tested, gets delivered to the field.


Getting Started

Our Team is ready to engage and support. All that is required is 30 minutes of your time so that we can get a better understanding of the technology requirement and desired project timeline. To get started, please download the NSTXL Proposed Prototype Description Form and send an email request for a meeting to Larry Solliday, Senior Vice President for Technology and Acquisition at [email protected].