Mike Dodd

Mike Dodd is vice president of strategic relationships at the National Security Technology Accelerator (NSTXL) where he works with a broad range of individuals and groups, government customers, large defense contractors and non-traditional startups. His role involves connecting dots and causing “meaningful collisions” between those with a common goal of ►

Mike Dodd2022-09-21T10:40:31-07:00

Brandon Wimer

As a Marketing Manager at NSTXL, Brandon is responsible for driving opportunity solicitation and engagement with NSTXL’s membership and prospective members. Using his strategic marketing experience, Brandon is dedicated to improving membership experience and educating new acquisitions on how they can leverage their emerging technology solutions to create mutually beneficial ►

Brandon Wimer2022-08-30T21:59:51-07:00

Erin Kupcak

Erin is responsible for instituting NSTXL’s user-centered design approach to events and creating an engagement portfolio of online and in-person programming. She will use all tools and delivery vehicles available to ensure NSTXL’s programs provide substance, education, collaboration and innovative thinking to the complete DoD network of government agencies, commercial ►

Erin Kupcak2022-08-30T21:59:49-07:00

Meghan Fisher

Meghan Fisher is the Content Strategist for NSTXL. In her role, she specializes in communicating complex topics in simple, creative ways through both digital and print mediums. Meghan is passionate about every aspect of digital marketing. Prior to NSTXL, she worked with two B2B tech companies in their marketing departments ►

Meghan Fisher2022-09-21T10:43:05-07:00

Scott McCabe

Scott serves as an Acquisition Manager supporting NSTXL’s Advanced Respondent Vetting operations, post-award activities, and financial operations. Prior to joining NSTXL, Mr. McCabe led a distinguished 12-year career as a subject matter expert in defense contract pricing as a US Army civilian, including a variety of service awards and selection ►

Scott McCabe2022-09-21T10:41:22-07:00

Shelley Tweedy

In her role as VP of Marketing and Sales, Shelley Tweedy helps drive opportunity growth and market expansion for NSTXL and their clients. Leveraging a customer-centric approach, she is passionate about creating the ultimate partner and member experience from the point of acquisition to long-term client success. Her experience as ►

Shelley Tweedy2022-08-30T21:59:45-07:00

Laura Collman

As the Director of Operations at NSTXL Laura Collman provides strategic operational leadership to the organization. Her responsibilities include managing day-to-day operations, analyzing and improving organization processes, HR duties, invoicing, technical support, cybersecurity, Assistant Facility Security Officer (AFSO) and contract review. Her roles prior to NSTXL include Operations, Marketing, HR, ►

Laura Collman2022-09-21T10:39:25-07:00

Iain Skeete

In his role as Principal of Acquisition, Iain leads NSTXL’s innovative contracting and program management services. A recipient of multiple commendations for superior performance as a U.S. Army Contracting & Agreements Officer, Mr. Skeete is a nationally recognized expert and thought leader in defense contracting. To ensure our military maintains ►

Iain Skeete2022-09-21T10:38:26-07:00

Erik R Olbeter

Erik serves as Chief Operating Officer of NSTXL and manages day-to-day operations of NSTXL’s OTA contracts, prototype awards, and new business initiatives. His role is to make it easier for both our government and member clients to rapidly procure new technologies. Prior to NSTXL, Mr. Olbeter held leadership roles in ►

Erik R Olbeter2022-08-30T21:59:37-07:00
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