Top 5 Tips to Build a Successful Team and Win More Work


The saying, “innovate or die,” isn’t overdramatic – if companies don’t collaborate in today’s highly competitive marketplace, their proposals won’t be as strong. The ability to expand product portfolios is perhaps the most important reason of them all, as this is the main reason most companies are looking to team. Businesses can bring their resources together to form a think tank and both benefit from the research and innovation.

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Get to Know NSTXL: Featuring Tony Kestranek


For August’s Get to Know NSTXL series, we are highlighting S2MARTS Deputy Director Tony Kestranek. Tony joined NSTXL in November of 2020 and brought with him an undying passion for supporting the Warfighter, which he exemplifies every day through his tireless efforts to ensure that we are getting the most effective technology to those on the frontlines- as quickly as possible.

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Get to Know NSTXL: Featuring JaNay Mills 


To showcase our incredible staff and share their unique perspectives on the industry, we're rolling out the Get to Know NSTXL series. In each post, we'll be highlighting different employees as they share more about their experience, past projects, insight into the industry, and more.

Get to Know NSTXL: Featuring JaNay Mills 2022-10-19T08:08:54-07:00
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