Mobile Protected Firepower (MPF)

The U.S. Army desires a Gunnery Training System (GTS) for training Mobile Protected Firepower (MPF) crews, sections, and platoons in stabilized gunnery operations. The tactical MPF acquisition is a Middle Tier Acquisition (MTA) which is a rapid acquisition approach that focuses on delivering capability within a period of two-to-five years via rapid prototyping and fielding with proven technology. PM MPF announced downselect of the General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) vehicle on 28 June 2022. The MPF GTS Request for Solution (RFS) will be released to the consortium NLT 1QFY23 to allow maximum time to award, develop, test and field the Proof of Concept (PoC) devices at First Unit Equipped (FUE) in 4QFY25.

Gunnery training simulators provide initial familiarization training, skills progression, and sustainment training to fulfill gunnery training requirements. These high-fidelity devices facilitate a proficient understanding of the platform's turret instrumentation and gunnery operations under various terrain, environmental, and visibility conditions. This shall be achieved with an accurate three-dimensional (3D) recreation of the turret's crew compartment instrumentation, and through use of the platform's Common Software Library (CSL). The Instructor/Operator (I/O) station permits the I/O to monitor Soldier gunnery performance and gunnery skills progression. The goal is to prepare crews, sections, and platoons to a level of proficiency that permits rapid transition to live fire gunnery.

The focus of this effort will be to successfully design, develop, and test prototype precision gunnery training devices for the MPF vehicle. The RFS will identify the deliverables, which will be a combination of software, hardware, and documentation.  Upon satisfactory completion of the prototype Other Transaction Agreement (OTA), it is anticipated that a follow-on Production OTA will be awarded to produce authorized quantities.

A Virtual Project TALX and Innovator NETWORX (Performer Teaming Event) is being planned, followed by an in-person Industry Day.  A notice will be posted when dates have been confirmed.



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