Govt Announces Intention to Spur Engineering Innovation with Engineering OTA

The US Army Corp of Engineers has announced its intention to create a new program to procure innovative engineering technologies and capabilities. This program will fund coordinated research and development prototype projects designed to enhance mission effectiveness and to develop and mature technologies in engineering. This program is specifically designed to streamline acquisition, remove barriers for firms who wish to work with the military, and spin-off successful prototypes into follow-on production.

The program is expected to issue prototype awards in the following areas:

Protective structures and systems
Protection and survivability
Geophysical sensors and data fusion
Vulnerability assessment, detection, and analytics
Geoscience, environmental, geospatial and material modeling and simulation
Enhance and assess mobility or manned and unmanned systems
Engineering analysis tools and decision aid prototype software
Infrastructure maintenance, repair, and reconstruction technologies
Global access engineering
Engineering and engineering enabling technologies

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