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Why Everyone Is Talking About Microelectronics and Semiconductors

You may not know it, but microelectronics and semiconductors are all around us. They play a critical role in our economy and government, and the global semiconductor shortage is starting to have a major impact on our lives.

Why Everyone Is Talking About Microelectronics and Semiconductors2022-09-27T07:41:25-07:00

A Journey to Friendlier Pentesting

As an offensive security professional, one can often face unique challenges compared to colleagues in the rest of the information technology space. After all, why wouldn’t you - hacking is scary stuff that you see the bad guys and anti-heroes do in movies, right?!

A Journey to Friendlier Pentesting2022-09-26T05:39:48-07:00

CMMC Compliance: An Overview

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is an assessment framework and certification program that determines what data an organization can work with. Specifically, it determines whether they comply with necessary security regulations to work with controlled and vulnerable information.

CMMC Compliance: An Overview2022-09-12T08:34:48-07:00

Low Earth Orbit – Explained

Vast opportunities exist in space. Low earth orbit holds the potential to revolutionize technology, with LEO satellites able to connect the world in ways that have never seen before.  

Low Earth Orbit – Explained2022-09-13T09:02:04-07:00
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