Low Earth Orbit – Explained

Vast opportunities exist in space. Low earth orbit holds the potential to revolutionize technology, with LEO satellites able to connect the world in ways that have never seen before.  

Low Earth Orbit – Explained2022-09-13T09:02:04-07:00

The Future of Robotics

While we might still be missing flying cars, one thing is for sure. Robotics are the way of the future, and the technology of the future is quickly becoming the technology of today.

The Future of Robotics2022-10-19T08:11:12-07:00

The Problem, and the Lunar Solution

Most of us can imagine future civilization on the Moon: lunar cities built by lunar factories running on lunar resources. There has even been much written about what to do once we have that.  Harder to envision is how we get there. 

The Problem, and the Lunar Solution2022-08-08T10:04:51-07:00

The Rise in OTA Popularity

With discoveries occurring at an exponential rate, the government is always looking for ways to push the boundaries of technology and innovation. In order to do this in the most effective way, government program offices have been relying more and more on an agile contracting vehicle known as Other Transaction Agreements (OTAs)

The Rise in OTA Popularity2022-09-19T11:09:11-07:00

AI:  Science Fiction or Fact?

What is AI? What are practical and applicable definitions of AI and ML?  Are they one and the same? AI, like natural (human) intelligence, is easier to recognize than to define. AI is attributed to machines that can learn and solve problems.

AI:  Science Fiction or Fact?2022-10-19T08:10:12-07:00

OTA Membership Benefits; SciTec – April Member Spotlight

Membership with NSTXL provides access to countless government opportunities and a community through which you can sharpen your solutions. Join us in chatting with members David Simenc and Jim Bower, from SciTec, about how NSTXL has brought them to the forefront of government contracting. 

OTA Membership Benefits; SciTec – April Member Spotlight2022-08-08T12:02:18-07:00

Strengthening Electronic Reliability Through Radiation Hardening

Electronic components are crucial to U.S. DoD’s objectives, and their dependability is critical to every mission. Any damage or malfunction to even one electronic component can be detrimental. As we become increasingly focused on space innovation, the reliability of these electronics is vital.

Strengthening Electronic Reliability Through Radiation Hardening2022-08-08T12:12:16-07:00

$341M DARC Contract Awarded to Northrop Grumman through Space Enterprise Consortium (SpEC)

The Deep Space Advanced Radar Capability (DARC) contract, was awarded to Northrop Grumman Corporation through the Space Enterprise Consortium (SpEC) by Space Systems Command (SSC). The request for prototype was released as a part of the larger DARC program created to enhance our nation's capabilities in Space Domain Awareness (SDA). The solutions created through DARC will be vital in creating a resilient space enterprise.

$341M DARC Contract Awarded to Northrop Grumman through Space Enterprise Consortium (SpEC)2022-08-08T12:13:47-07:00
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