Talk with an Expert: Navigating NSTXL Membership

March 22, 2024
Talk with an Expert: Navigating NSTXL Membership

Hello, I’m Jess, the Marketing Membership Coordinator at NSTXL. NSTXL is focused on building a network of innovators and creators across the most sought-after emerging technology fields, and as such we are committed to providing clarity and transparency for those seeking to become a part of the community.

Today I will be answering some of our most asked membership questions. Join me as we navigate the intricacies of NSTXL membership benefits, cost, how-to’s and more! 

How much does membership cost?

We try to keep our membership costs low as we provide open access to every Other Transaction Authority (OTA) in our network with no hidden fees. The cost for membership is dependent on your organizations size. We make it easy for you to see what the cost of membership for your organization would be with the chart on the bottom ofthis page. Our goal is to be as accessible as possible to small businesses who may not normally have the resources required to get their ideas and innovations to the end user. 

Which OTAs will I have access to as a member?

NSTXL currently manages two different OTA contracts. As a member, you can have access to the Strategic and Spectrum Missions Advanced Resilient Trusted Systems (S2MARTS) OTA. As well as the Space Enterprise Consortium (SpEC) OTA, given that a DD2345 form is provided. You can see full lists of S2MARTS tech areas here and SpEC tech areas here.

We recommend looking at the coming soon, current and recently awarded opportunities to see if any of them match your technical capability areas. Something to note here is that these opportunities are often changing, so I would encourage checking back in a little if you don’t see any that currently match up with your capabilities! There is also a free email subscription that will alert you when new opportunities are live. You can join that list here.  

How do I get a DD2345? 

The DD2345 form is a Military Critical Technical Data Agreement and is required to access SpEC opportunities. You will find the most helpful information about the DD2345 form process on the DLA website, where you can see a link to the form itself as well as instructions and FAQs. According to Joint Certification Program (JCP), the office that approves DD2345 forms, the processing time for the application fluctuates depending on delivery method to their office and the volume of applications received.

If you do not currently have a DD2345 form but plan to get one, you can still apply to become a member at NSTXL and we will update your access to SpEC opportunities as soon as you send the form over to our team. 

What else is included with membership? 

I often find myself fielding questions like, “What makes you guys different?” or “Why should I choose to be a member here instead of elsewhere?” or even, “Why do I need your membership when I can pursue these opportunities independently?” 

With these types of questions, I like to share that NSTXL offers many unique advantages. As a member, your team has exclusive, early access to submit on any opportunities across our OTAs. This contracting approach decreases costs, shortens timelines and improves outcomes for the projects that your team submits on. Our team can help to maximize your efforts as we come alongside you, supporting you hands-on in your endeavors and successes.  

As a valued part of the NSTXL community, you will gain entry to a dynamic and collaborative network, with resources and networking events designed to help you connect and team with like-minded partners. Our exclusive events are a valuable commodity for members, as they often provide opportunities for direct engagement with government officials, fostering invaluable connections and insights.

Additionally, our events offer opportunities to begin collaborating and teaming with others who may be working in the same capability areas as you. Click here to learn more about what teaming looks like at NSTXL. To learn more about our dynamic, human-centric events, keep reading. 

What do NSTXL events look like? 

At NSTXL, our mission is to ensure that every member event is meaningful. We want you to leave feeling supported and empowered. Whether it’s in-person gatherings or virtual meetups, we offer a wide-range of experiences designed to benefit you. 

One of our in-person events is called Innovator NETWORX. This is a networking event that is held early in the solicitation process to allow members to share capabilities and exchange information early in the project lifecycle, helping facilitate teaming amongst members. Another event we host is Network Nights. These are hosted in conjunction to industry tradeshows to maximize attendance from members with key program capabilities and encourage teaming! 

We also work hard to make sure that our virtual events are equally engaging and informative. Every year we host office hours and webinars featuring guest speakers from the industry. One of our webinar series is called Project TALX, which provide members with inside access to project sponsors and facilitate active dialogue prior to solution deadlines to increase clarity and collaboration through live exchanges between interested performers and the Government. 

You don’t have to worry about missing any of these because we post the recordings on your NSTXL dashboard! 

What is teaming and how can I network? 

As you may have gathered, teaming is a word that we use to describe the unique networking opportunities our members have to connect and collaborate with others to meet Department of Defense (DoD) needs. In all of our events, we want to make sure we provide ample teaming opportunities so you can begin to meet with others who may be trying to work in similar capability areas as you.

By joining NSTXL Community, a member-only app we also provide, you can begin to meet and collaborate with others. You can also find a teaming list on each opportunity page on our website to find others who are working on the same projects as you. 

How do I become a member? 

You can become a member by filling out an application here. The new member application can also be found under the membership tab on NSTXL’s website. You will receive a response to your application in 1-2 business days. 

If I become a member, who else from my team can participate? 

By becoming a member of NSTXL, you have the ability to add unlimited users from your team to your account! For more information about how to do this, you can reach out to 

In summary

NSTXL membership offers a broad range of opportunities. We are dedicated to revolutionizing government innovation by implementing top-tier practices, tools and expertise. In 2023 alone, we released 29 opportunities across our programs, supported by 267 performers or NSTXL members. Our commitment to our members is evident in the 89 events we hosted last year, both in-person and virtually, providing access to the tools and resources unique to being a member here.

We eagerly invite you to join us and look forward to the ways we can work together with you. To become a member, click the button below. For further questions or inquiries, please reach out to, and I’ll gladly assist you! 

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