A Letter from the CEO: Celebrating 8 Years of NSTXL

April 8, 2022
Tim's Letter for 8 Years of NSTXL

This week marks the 8th Anniversary of the incorporation of NSTXL. As any true start-up would, we dove in headfirst to develop a new platform to deliver transformative technology to the marketplace at the speed of mission and relevance. And as any true start-up does, we quickly learned that success was not a straight line. Navigating Government acquisition is oftentimes turbulent on the face, not to mention for the small, innovative companies we support. We know that firsthand because we are one too.  

From our humble beginnings officed out of a spare bedroom in my rented condo, today we have a team of 45 (and growing) across 14 states, and an engaged network of thousands of top innovators and experts.  

What began as a network focused specifically on advanced energy technologies has now expanded to cover a wide array of technologies spanning the entire innovation ecosystem. We have supported projects that are redefining satellite communication in space, building a new generation of microelectronics foundries on U.S. soil, and engineering virtual training simulators to support our warfighters and first responders. And the potential for innovation doesn’t stop there. 

From operating on an open-source platform to utilizing Human-Centric Design Thinking in problem definition and requirement development to creating customized end-to-end acquisition strategies, NSTXL has introduced multiple commercial best practices to Government acquisition that are now accepted best practices in our industry.  

But no successful journey is taken alone. It truly takes a village. I am filled with gratitude for our dedicated partners in Government, our network and members, and the entire NSTXL team, past and present. None of this would have been possible without such a high-performing network of professionals committed to solving our country’s toughest challenges. The coalition of the willing expands every day, and we’re just getting started. We will continue to evolve and transform our own operations to achieve our broader vision to fundamentally transform the way Government innovates.  

As I take a moment to reflect on the first eight years, I am proud of all we have accomplished. And though we’ve made a tremendous impact, the journey is far from over. Much remains to be done. Recent world events illustrate just how quickly technological edge can be lost and how important eternal vigilance in technological excellence is to a more peaceful, prosperous world.  

Today, our growing network of engaged innovators is larger and stronger than ever. We look to forward to continuing to lean in, innovate, and lead from the front as we always have. It’s the only way we know how.   

I am excited to see what we can accomplish together in the next eight years.   

Tim Greeff

Founder and CEO

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