Space Enterprise Consortium (SpEC) Unveils New Logo

August 24, 2021
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The National Security Technology Accelerator (NSTXL) and the Space Enterprise Consortium (SpEC) unveiled the new SpEC logo at the 36th Space Symposium.

SpEC serves as the Space Systems Command’s prototyping and rapid acquisition tool for fueling DoD space advancement and pushing the boundaries of prototype development. Today, the brand is leaping forward by introducing a new logo design inspired by its mission to expand the space industrial base and accelerate prototyping. The new modern look marks a continued focus on its members and will more authentically communicate its mission.

Hear From SpEC’s Director

“SpEC supports the USSF with a constant supply of game-changing prototype development. We do this by driving innovation and expanding our base to include non-traditional companies with new and creative concepts,” stated Rich Glover, Director of Space Enterprise Consortium. “The new logo illustrates our commitment to continue pushing those boundaries.”

Every element of the revitalized logo was intentionally imagined to better reflect the new SpEC program and member journey after being awarded to NSTXL in January of this year. Today, nearly 600 companies are proud SpEC members, three-quarters of which are non-traditional organizations, making it one the largest and most successful OTA programs in the Department of Defense.

Insight Into the Design

The logo signals SpEC’s ongoing commitment to find more innovative approaches to acquisition, market outreach, and communication. The digital-first design will help increase SpEC familiarity and awareness across a wider swath of innovative space companies, helping promote ingenuity and collaboration that echoes the culture of SpEC. The overarching swoop reflects SpEC’s determination to connect military buyers, commercial space startups, and small businesses. Closing these gaps minimizes barriers between government and industry which helps rapidly advance space technology on behalf of national security interests. The futuristic font depicts SpEC’s forward-looking approach to researching and developing essential space technology.

SpEC’s Mission

SpEC provides modern solutions to national security challenges. As an industry leader SpEC continues to improve and maintain its pursuit of fast-tracking research initiatives and prototype development in the space sector.

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