How S2MARTS is Setting the Standard for Collaboration in an Rapidly Expanding Industry

April 22, 2021

In the technology industry innovation moves at the speed of light, and to stay ahead of the curve we need to act quickly and efficiently. The need for rapid innovation with the growing call for mission-critical technologies only ups the ante as the nation’s top pioneers work to meet the challenge.

Looking back across each of the OTA’s on the NSTXL Platform, we wanted to look at the growth of the S2MARTS program and explore the dynamics that helped streamline the path to award and where the future of the program is headed.


The Strategic & Spectrum Missions Advanced Resilient Trusted Systems (S2MARTS)

The Strategic & Spectrum Missions Advanced Resilient Trusted Systems (S2MARTS), managed by NSTXL, is the premier rapid OT contracting vehicle for the Department of Defense (DoD) in trusted microelectronics, strategic & spectrum mission, and other critical mission areas. The Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Crane Division created S2MARTS to grow and engage an elite network of innovators, shorten the path to defense prototype development, and advance national security efforts.

A significant differentiator with the S2MARTS OTA is the scalability of the program. S2MARTS is able to successfully roll out multi-phased contracts, allowing for continued innovation as needs change, ideas are developed, and the mission grows.

Through a strong alliance with Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division; NSTXL, and S2MARTS Director Brooke Pyne, have focused on early identification of needs and rapid growth in aligned technology areas, accelerating the time to award. As a result of the close connection, S2MARTS has received over 220 solutions on 29 projects since its inception in February of 2019, resulting in $388 million in obligated funds.

“In a short amount of time, S2MARTS has been able to establish foundational processes, a solid pipeline and build a technology-driven community that addresses warfighter needs in a rapid and agile environment,” said PYNE, “One of the most rewarding aspects of our S2MARTS project portfolio, is the direct impact to not just the warfighters but to national security which is one of NSTXL’s primary missions.”

Today, the S2MARTS team is continuing to focus on the growth of high-priority, emerging technology areas through the introduction of new strategic programs and ecosystem expansion. Over the next few months, Pyne is hosting several webinars with industry experts in microelectronics, hypersonics, and 5G. With the continued focus on engaging, collaborative events, the S2MARTS team is challenging the status quo, increasing competition in the market, and fostering alliances with the world’s best innovators.

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NSTXL is focused on building a network of innovators and creators across the most sought-after emerging technology fields. As an open-source platform, our approach was designed to encourage network growth and collaboration without stifling change. We support our network by providing commercial-term contracting, open-source technology discovery, modern-day marketing outreach, a strongly interconnected network for easy teaming and cybersecurity compliance support.

Within the platform, NSXTL supports three OTA’s including the Strategic & Spectrum Missions Advanced Resilient Trusted Systems (S2MARTS), the Training and Readiness Accelerator (TReX), and the newly awarded Space Enterprise Consortium (SpEC). Each program focuses on specific technology areas, strategizes with individual government agencies, and responds to an increasing call for mission-critical technologies.

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