S²MARTS Awards Dynamic Spectrum Management @ B5G Tactical Edge Contract to Episys Science Inc (EpiSci) and Peraton Labs

October 5, 2023

Sept 26, 2023 – The Department of the Navy (DoN) has awarded the Dynamic Spectrum Management @ B5G Tactical Edge contract to Episys Science Inc (EpiSci) and Peraton Labs on June 5, 2023, through the Strategic & Spectrum Missions Advanced Resilient Trusted Systems (S²MARTS) Other Transaction Authority (OTA). This contract falls under the Innovate Beyond 5G (IB5G) programming initiative, which aims to support the development of novel network concepts and components for future 5G networked operations within the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

The significance of fifth-generation wireless networking technologies (5G) cannot be overstated; they play a crucial role in ensuring the economic well-being and global leadership of the United States. The DoN’s programming efforts seek to harness the potential of 5G by fostering the ideation, design, prototyping, and integration of cutting-edge technologies that will enable seamless integration of DoD operations with the future 5G network.

The focus of the Dynamic Spectrum Management (DSM) systems in this project is to address the challenges faced by DoD Tactical Network (TacNeT) operations in the presence of 5G network infrastructure. With the exploration of federally allocated spectrum in the mid-band (3 GHz) for potential sharing with commercial 5G systems, the development of effective DSM solutions becomes a top priority for the DoD. These solutions will leverage the flexibility offered by 5G systems to overcome constraints related to pre-planning and agility in dealing with dynamically changing scenarios and Electronic Warfare (EW).

This prototype project will be executed in three phases, with each phase having a 12-month period of performance. During this time, Episys Science Inc (EpiSci) and Peraton Labs will collaborate closely with S²MARTS and the DoN to design, evaluate, and prototype DSM systems that meet the unique requirements of DoD TacNeT operations. The project aims to demonstrate successful operational tempo and enable seamless integration of DoD operations with 5G networked operations.

S²MARTS is thrilled to have Episys Science Inc (EpiSci) and Peraton Labs contributing to this groundbreaking initiative. Their expertise and innovative approaches to Dynamic Spectrum Management will undoubtedly contribute to the advancement of 5G technology within the defense sector.

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