Threat Missile (TM) System Exploitation in Support of Hardware in the Loop (HITL) Simulator Development

Project No. 20-10 B
This Opportunity was awarded to Dynetics, Inc.

The Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division is seeking prototype support to address Modeling & Simulation issues in the area of countermeasures and countermeasure techniques to protect U.S. aircraft from threat missile systems. The threat environment is changing at an ever-increasing rate. This reality requires the capability to respond rapidly to new threat missile systems. This cannot be done without an efficient means of developing prototype models, simulators, countermeasures, and countermeasure techniques. The advent of each new threat missile system triggers the requirement for the development of multiple new prototype systems. These requirements cannot be met without an efficient, flexible acquisition strategy.

As the number and complexity of threat weapon systems grow at an ever-increasing rate, it is critical to have the capability to develop prototype models of the new systems quickly and efficiently.  Each new threat requires the building of a new prototype model which may in turn require upgrades to other existing M&S tools that are part of an overall simulation.  The development of new prototype system models involves considerable research and development efforts and, by its very nature, is not formulaic.

Currently, a typical foreign material exploitation (FME) program does not focus on countermeasures development and the associated threat hardware is not delivered until the completion of the FME.  The combination of these factors creates a significant delay in the Navy’s ability to develop countermeasures resulting in an increased threat to Navy aircraft and crews.  Inserting the development of hardware-in-the-loop (HITL) simulation systems early in the foreign materiel exploitation (FME) process will shorten the timeline towards countermeasure development and success.  A suite of reconfigurable signal-injection missile simulation (RSIMS) based HITL simulators of various threat infrared missile systems is required. These simulators are critical components for the countermeasure development phase of threat exploitation. Each new threat system represents a requirement to develop a new prototype simulator, and the threat list is growing much faster than prototype simulators can currently be built with existing resources.

The Government is seeking a suite of test and evaluation (T&E) ready RSIMS HITL simulators for threat exploitation and countermeasure development that have been fully documented, verified, validated, and accredited. Simulators will be sufficiently documented to allow routine replication of the prototypes in response to run capacity requirements. The completion of the initial suite of T&E ready simulators will establish a process that can be efficiently applied to react to new threat systems as they arise and enable the timely development of new prototype simulators.