Hardware-in-the-Loop (HWIL) Technology Advancement Testbed (TAT)

6.9.2020 Update:


5.20.2020 Update:

The correction updates Section 10.b.ii Technical Response (Description of Capability): Response should be constructed to align with the order of the instructions below (1-8) to (1-5).

S2MARTS 20-05 HWIL TAT Final RFS Rev 1

U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command conceives and matures leap-ahead concepts and technologies to ensure military forces are combat-ready for future wars. To ensure Warfighter effectiveness, both offensive and defensive systems are tested and assessed in environments that replicate operational conditions.

By employing replicable and modular simulated environments, the goal of the Hardware-in-the-Loop (HWIL)Technology Advancement Testbed (TAT) prototype project is to create a testbed that allows for the demonstration, test, and assessment of processes and methodologies to enhance and improve test & evaluation (T&E) capabilities in support of next generation weapon systems.

Specific technology areas and/or domains impacted by this prototype project will include hypersonics, missile defense solutions, directed energy, and small satellites. This project will inform and advance the military’s portfolio of future weapons and sensors by combining and evaluating essential data required to form doctrine and Measures of Effectiveness (MOE).

It is desired that the resultant prototype blends existing, modified, and new, physical and virtual models within a common prototype framework capable of supporting the test and assessment of emerging technological systems and capabilities.