Electromagnetic Spectrum Predictive Modeling Prototype

The awardee for S2MARTS Project 2001 is Strategic Analysis, Inc.

The DoD desires innovative prototype solutions for predictive models that utilize novel approaches to analyze, forecast and identify multi-domain capability gaps related to Electronic Warfare (EW), Information Warfare (IW), Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO), Electromagnetic Warfare (EMW), and Cyber Warfare.  The rapid growth of technologies and systems that operate within the Electromagnetic Spectrum domain is complicating the DoD’s ability to assess vulnerabilities and properly design long-term strategic plans to maintain spectrum dominance during military operations.  The outputs of the models will be used to formulate the DoD’s strategy for achieving and sustaining electromagnetic superiority during conflict in the areas of EW, IW, EMSO, EMW and Cyber warfare.

The objective is to prototype predictive models that will increase current and future mission effectiveness leveraging the electromagnetic spectrum domain by: measuring impact of the operational landscape and current capabilities, reporting future technological trends, identifying capability gaps, recommending standards, and generating visual management aids and need statements to drive DoD’s strategic decisions. This effort will be focused on the development of the prototype predictive models as well as documented or demonstration of the summary of prototype outputs that will lead to development of the DoD’s strategy.

This opportunity is through the S2MARTS OTA powered by NSTXL. Learn more about S2MARTS here.