Digital Generation (DGEN) Subsystem Development and Integration (SDI) Prototype Project

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The Naval Air Warfare Systems Command (NAVAIR) desires to advance its capabilities in the areas of electronic threat simulation and measurement focusing specifically on advances in the areas of system concept, architecture development, and requirements definition. The overall goal is to meet the increasingly critical requirements for current and future Department of Defense (DOD) aircraft, which contain electronic combat support systems. To meet this goal, NAVAIR is developing a new simulator program called NEWEG, which consists of a single configurable set of unclassified subsystems. The set contains one Scenario Simulation and Control (SSC) subsystem, one or more DGEN subsystems, one or more Radio Frequency Generation (RFGEN) subsystems, and a Measurement and Analysis subsystem. NEWEG is currently being developed in two Blocks: A and B. The DGEN system will be developed, demonstrated and assessed as part of Block B. The unclassified DGEN prototype project will focus on the continued development and testing of the DGEN subsystem.

The DGEN SDI prototype project will design, develop, fabricate, assemble, integrate, and test variants of the initial proof-of-principle DGEN prototype capability. Specifically, the DGEN prototype project will develop and demonstrate specific aircraft, mission, and location tailored variants of NEWEG DGEN subsystem capabilities that will receive commands and data from the SSC and translate the simulated environment into a stream of Pulse Descriptor Words (PDW). The DGEN prototype will perform all pulse-to-pulse calculations required to generate a complex emitter environment in real-time for up to eight Million Pulses Per Second (MPPS). These calculations will include modeling the emitter waveform, applying the transmit antenna gain, and applying the radio frequency (RF) propagation model. The emitter model will generate the PDW relative to the center of rotation of the System Under Test (SUT). In addition to generating PDWs, the DGEN prototype will also be responsible for recording and replaying the PDWs that it generates. Finally, the DGEN prototype will be required to stream third party PDWs while generating PDWs internally.