Beyond 3D Prototype Project


10 August 2021

On 10 August 2021, in accordance with 10 U.S. Code § 2371b, the Army Contracting Command – Orlando has awarded an Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) via the Training and Readiness Accelerator (TReX) for the Beyond 3D Prototype Effort.

A Request for Solutions for this effort was issued through TReX on 25 March 2021, which resulted in the submittal of 2 responses for Beyond 3D. The prototype project was awarded to CAE USA Mission Solutions Inc (CAE MSI) located in Tampa, FL. The total value of this prototype project, if all options are exercised, is $37,043,651.35.

The goal of the Beyond 3D prototype effort will be to advance technology for further development and application to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) community at large for their unique specifications as well as utilizing the latest version of the United States Special Operations Command’s (USSOCOM) Automating the Rapid Generation of 3D Geospatial Data (RAPID 3D) prototype in order to further advance the prototype for the NGA user community while addressing several capability gaps.

Iterative prototyping is anticipated after the initial period of performance. Upon successful completion of the prototype(s), the NGA anticipates deploying this solution across multiple domains which, along with the actual installation, may require some level of life cycle maintenance to sustain prototype capabilities. Follow-on activities may include system and software updates, life cycle maintenance, evolving training requirements and technology insertion. If feasibility, military utility, and a training readiness level (TRL) of 8 is acquired at the end of the period of performance, the NGA will seek a follow-on contract to ensure maintenance of the prototype(s) to facilitate seamless transition if feasibility and military utility is determined. Further development and sustainment may be required beyond the period of performance.

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Foundation for GEOINT 3D (FG3D) is looking to identify a technology that is an acceptable mix of both expediency and accuracy when it comes to RAPID 3D. The NGA has been participating in the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) RAPID 3D IPT calls and demonstrations and is seeking to further the RAPID 3D prototype project through continued development that will include key capabilities allowing for broad adoption and application. NGA desires to evolve the traditional acquisition cycle and take the RAPID 3D technology and develop it to NGA Unique specifications and quickly provide a prototype that will prove the concept and be deployed operationally for an extended “real world” test and evaluation period. It is NGA’s desire to award this agreement in a way that would allow the capability to be transitioned into an enterprise solution.

The Beyond 3D effort will continue to advance the SOCOM RAPID 3D work to NGA holdings within the NGA cloud system architecture to include scalability as well as additional APIs and/or SDKs to allow for seamless integration within the DoD and IC communities.  Scalability to provide a geospatial big data architecture that supports both NGA Amazon Web Service (AWS) S3 cloud and modeling and simulation (M&S) users requiring the ability to serve up geo-specific real-world content, just in time to the user communities. The desired system will transform, conflate, and align source from multiple sensors and NGA products into an environment that supports machine to machine automation to accelerate processing, exploitation, dissemination and the generation of OGC CDB compliant databases. The environment will be capable of integrating applications, data, systems and streaming updated information to tactical users in real time without degradation of services.

Delivered solutions will include API/SDK development, metric tools, automated workflow pipelines and integration of NGA holdings as part of the 3D content production and access for and to others within the NGA specific cloud networks. These objectives include extension of SOCOM RAPID 3D efforts as well as new feature extraction tools, new metric tools to include quality, pipeline processing and versioning control, user profile needs integration as well as serving the “best” content based upon a user’s AOI choice(s).  For all software delivered for these objectives, the developer will provide all code, test and accreditation documentation, software build instructions and source code required to meet DoD System Requirements Specifications for accredited software.

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