Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative cmi5 Player and Test Suite (PTS) Prototype Project

Update – 6.10.2020

The Submission due date will be extended to 19 June 2020.

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Update – 5.11.2020

RFS ADL CMI5 11 May 2020 Final
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The cmi5 PTS prototype project seeks to acquire innovative cmi5 prototype capabilities—specifically, two closely related software prototypes for cmi5. First, this project will design, develop, test, and transition a free and open source cmi5 Player that serves as a reference implementation for Department of Defense (DoD) stakeholders. Second, this project will deliver a cmi5 Conformance Test Suite (CTS) that validates cmi5 learning systems (e.g., LMSs) and content packages against the latest version of the cmi5 specification.

    • Open Source cmi5 Player– A basic capability to play cmi5-enabled courses is required in order to provide easy access to a cmi5 player without other bundled softwareapplications or third-party license fees. This basic player will provide a cost-effective capability to support software development and content migration efforts, and it will provide a fundamental capability for delivering cmi5 courses across the DoD.
    •  cmi5 Content Examples and Authoring guide – Convert and test SCORM-based e-learning content into the cmi5 format. To aid DoD organizations, clear guidance and resources are required such as cmi5 conversion templates, example converted and tested courses, and an authoring guide to share best practices.
    • cmi5 Conformance Test Suite – DoD requires some way to verify that cmi5-based software applications and cmi5-courseware is fully compliant to the cmi5 specification. A cmi5 CTS will enable DoD-wide testing and certification for cmi5-conformant applications and courses. The cmi5 CTS is expected to have broad applicability. For instance, all acquired cmi5-based distributed learning content should pass the conformance test prior to acceptance by the Government. A similar process was used for SCORM course acquisition; however, more advanced technological approaches are anticipated for the cmi5 CTS.
    •  Documentation – Finally, as for any software project, proper documentation is required for both the cmi5 Player and the cmi5 CTS. This should include an analysis of alternatives for the design of the two applications and a transition plan that defines the roadmap (e.g., requirements, cybersecurity, and compliance) for eventually implementing the applications on DoD networks.

cmi5 Links for Solution Information

  1. Introduction to cmi5. This link provides background information on the cmi5 specification, how it works, what it enables, and benefits of using it.
  2. cmi5 Working Group. This link provides information on the cmi5 Working Group as well as information for participating in the group.
  3.  cmi5 Specification. This link provides the actual cmi5 specification and its technical documentation. A brief discussion on the history of cmi5 is also provided as well as additional links to find out more.
  4. cmi5 Best Practices. This link provides a list of best practices for the successful utilization of the cmi5 specification.
  5. cmi5 Code Examples. This link provides a list of code samples that represent various scenarios that are possible when running content utilizing the cmi5 runtime definitions.
  6.  xAPI Specification. This is a link to the Github repository that contains the xAPI specification. In addition to the specification, there are markdown files containing fixes to some common issues. cmi5 uses xAPI, so the two specifications are tightly integrated.
  7.  xAPI Technical Advisory Group. This link provides information on the TAG xAPI Working Group, which is open to the public, with the goal of assisting in the adoption of xAPI. Information may be found here on xAPI use cases or participating in the monthly calls.
  8.  xAPI Sample LRS. This link to the ADL Initiative reference implementation of a Learning Record Store (LRS). This LRS is not meant to function as a product-quality application. Rather, it provides an open-source barebones example.
  9. SCORM Conformance Test Suite. This link provides the SCORM 2004 (3rd Edition) Conformance Test Suite. The updated CTS allows organizations to test SCORM content within a more modern set of software.