NSTXL Announces New CEO and Expansion of Executive Suite

February 8, 2024

To our valued members, customers, and supporters,

Throughout the last ten years, I have had the privilege to lead NSTXL as CEO and serve on the Board of Directors. After thorough consideration, I have decided to transition from the role of Chief Executive Officer to President. I will continue to serve on the Board of Directors, ensuring a seamless continuity of leadership within the organization. In my new role, I will remain fully committed to supporting our mission and growth, focusing on our long-term strategy, new lines of business, and Board engagement. The change is effective immediately.

Since our inception in 2014, NSTXL has thrived in its mission to revolutionize how government innovates. During my time as CEO, we have continued to challenge the status quo, never resting on our laurels and existing accomplishments. Today, with multiple healthy consortia, groundbreaking initiatives like the Microelectronics Commons, and an ever-increasing demand for our services, the organization has never been stronger, and I take immense pride in the team we have built. However, the mark of an effective leader is one who recognizes when new leadership will maximize a company’s full potential and growth.

On that note, I am pleased to announce that Mark McIntosh will assume the role of CEO, and the executive suite will expand to include Senior Strategic Advisor to CEO, filled by Iain Skeete; Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), filled by Shelley Tweedy; and the forthcoming role of Chief Program Officer (CPO). The CPO will oversee program development and management to ensure client goals and mission objectives are achieved.

Since assuming the role of COO in 2022, Mark McIntosh has implemented a strategic vision focused on process and operational excellence, driving significant advancement within the company. Before joining NSTXL, Mark had already established himself as a dynamic leader with a proven ability to scale companies and drive them toward success. His demonstrated expertise in diverse sectors, including his achievements in M&A activities and his time serving as Chief of Staff on Capitol Hill and White House Deputy Counsel, will guide the organization through its next growth stage. As CEO, Mark is committed to fostering innovation through strategic investments, with a primary focus on growing our market offerings, acquiring and developing top talent, and expanding our executive team.

To ensure the ongoing development and delivery of acquisition products and services that meet the evolving demands of the Department of Defense (DoD), we recognized the necessity for a dedicated advisory position focused on fostering innovation. This role strongly emphasizes understanding DoD needs for the company’s strategic growth and risk mitigation. We are happy to announce that Iain Skeete will assume the new role of Senior Strategic Advisor to CEO. Drawing on his extensive experience in defense acquisition during his tenure at the Army Contract Command-Orlando and his pivotal role in the creation of NSTXL’s product and service offerings, Iain will focus on developing NSTXL’s short- and long-term vision and market strategy. In addition to offering strategic and executive guidance, he will continue to act as a mentor to our Contracts and Program Management Teams.

In a strategic move to support our customers, members, and their growing missions, we have expanded the C-Suite to include a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) role, which Shelley Tweedy will fill. Since starting at NSTXL, Shelley has scaled the department from a single employee to a high-performing marketing and membership team. She has been instrumental in operationalizing the department’s processes and systems, establishing our brand, and developing our go-to-market strategy. Under her leadership, she will continue creating new member and program offerings that enhance government-industry collaboration and drive mission success.

In closing, let me say that I am incredibly honored to have been in the CEO role for the past ten years. I am humbled by the team we have built and the achievements we have made. I am incredibly excited about our bright future and the great things in store from our new leadership. Thank you all for your continued contributions and hard work. What we do here makes a difference, and I would not want it any other way.


Tim Greeff

NSTXL Founder and President

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