Join NSTXL at I/ITSEC 2022!

November 22, 2022

Join NSTXL at I/ITSEC in Orlando, Florida and meet our team Nov. 28th – Dec 2nd in booth #1223. See first-hand how NSTXL supports Government acquisition of mission-critical technology, as well as fosters small businesses looking to break into government contracting.

During I/ITSEC, Government and other spectators will be shown some of the nation’s newest and most innovative simulation and training technology. NSTXL helps the government acquire these game-changing technologies quicker and more efficiently by using agile and flexible contracting vehicles – Other Transaction Agreements (OTAs). OTAs are a non-traditional contracting method designed to fast-track research and prototype development. By leveraging commercial contracting structures, OTAs encourage involvement from companies outside the DoD’s network, expanding the reach to acquire emerging technologies.

With the industry’s latest technology creations, NSTXL provides the DoD access to cutting-edge simulation and training technologies that help give the U.S. a competitive advantage. A few recent training and simulation prototype projects that have been awarded through NSTXL include the Synthetic Training Environment – Live Training System (STE LTS) prototype and the Immersive Training Environment (ITE) opportunity.

Through NSTXL managed OTA vehicles, industries that have pertinent technology but are new to government contracting now have access to DoD contracts, while Government offices looking to work with America’s industrial base have a quicker, more flexible reach into the established commercial industrial base. Our contracting vehicles cover the most sought-after emerging technologies on the DoD’s priority list ranging from simulation, modeling, and training, to 5G, hypersonics, and microelectronics.

Throughout I/ITSEC’s five-day event, key industry businesses will be displaying state-of-the-art technology. Let NSTXL show you how to take these technologies to the next level, expand your ecosystem, and build meaningful connections. Come meet our VP of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships Mike Dodd, and our TReX Director, Tom Singer in Booth 1223!

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