At NSTXL, we are dedicated to get the best technology into the hands of the Warfighter at the speed of mission. Our company recognizes that Other Transaction Authorities (OTAs) are a great tool to cultivate rapid innovation, but OTAs alone are not enough to successfully deploy technology to the Warfighter. We saw that our government clients were overburdened, understaffed, unable to move as quickly as they wanted, and struggled to connect to industry the way they desired. This caused us to start asking “What else can we do to help?”
Today, NSTXL offers clients a full acquisition services assisting at every stage of the prototype process – from whiteboarding strategy and determining requirements to program management and prototype delivery. We work side-by-side with our government clients to inform programs, reduce risk, increase agility, and in the end, get better technology to the warfighter at the speed of mission. As an agile and innovative company, we strive to serve our government clients and want to know what can NSTXL do to help your program?

What Is An OTA?

An “Other Transaction Agreement” (OTA) is a streamlined contracting mechanism that bring state-of-the-art innovation to the Federal Government. Initially created as a contracting tool for the Space Race, OTAs are a non-Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) tool that allows the government more flexibility and agility to meet its mission. OTAs provide efficient acquisition of prototypes in critical and diverse technology areas. Successful prototypes can move into production through the OTA, which reduces the time it takes to get into the hands of the Warfighter. NSTXL acts as consortium manager for several OTAs. Each OTA is custom tailored to meet the client’s specific needs, risk tolerance, and desired outcomes.