Tuesday, 21 March Booth Agenda

1230-1300 PM PT

Advanced GaN Technologies & Applications

6.5 GaN MMIC 4-Level Supply Modulator for PA Efficiency Enhancement

University of Colorado, Boulder

Speakers: Dr. Hawke, Dr. Eric Kemp, Paul Flaten

1300-1330 PM PT

RIPPER – IP Redaction CAD Tool Overview and Demo


Speakers: Nij Dorairaj, Senior Engineer

1330-1400 PM PT

Beyond Core Services for ME Commons

Global Foundries

Speakers: Dr. Jeremy Muldavin

1400-1430 PM PT

Advanced Packaging and Integration

9.5 Applications of Additive Manufacturing in the Microelectronics Advanced Packaging Landscape

U.S. Department of the Navy

Speakers: Dr. Crum

1430-1500 PM PT

RF/Mixed-signal Hardware Applications Engineer, Hardware Applications Engineer

Whitepaper: Intel® Direct RF FPGA Evaluation Platform video demo


Speakers: Marjorie Catt, Dustin Henderson

1500-1530 PM PT



Speakers: TBD

1530-1600 PM PT

RF/mmWave Flow Overview and

Demo: Synopsys RF/mmWave Design Flow Featuring Keysight


Speakers: Keith Lanier, Technical Product Mgmt Director, Alex Mikul, Sr Applications Engineer

1600-1630 PM PT

Demo: Synopsys Functional Verification Solutions on a Windows System


Speakers: Vin Liao, Sr Staff Applications Engineer

1630-1700 PM PT

The New Era of Innovation in 3DHI Microsystems: Tools, Flows, and Methodologies


Speakers: Kenneth Larsen, Product Management Director

Wednesday, 22 March Booth Agenda

0930-1000 AM PT

Formally Verify Data Security with Synopsys VC Formal FSV


Speakers: Jin Zhang, Product Management Director

1000-1030 AM PT

Demo: Utilizing Synopsys Synplify for High-Reliability Applications


Speakers: DeAndre Hoskins, Applications Engineer

1030-1100 AM PT

35.5 MBE Growth of GaSb/InAs type-II Superlattice Structures

Cactus Materials

Speakers: Igbal Ali, Director of Process Engineering, Rafiqul Islam, CEO

1100-1145 AM PT

11.1: RF & Optoelectronics Technical Execution Area Project “STARRY NITE” State-of-the-Art Radio Frequency Gallium Nitride Foundries
15.4 15.4 Technology Characterization Vehicle Designs Using Glass-core Based Substrates for Millimeter Wave Applications


Speakers: Joshua Hawke, Crane, Eric Kamp, BAH, Shuogi Chen, Qorvo, Dave Fanning, HRL

1200-1245 PM PT

State-of-the-art Heterogeneous Integration Packaging
15.1 On Shore Advanced Microelectronics Packaging Usage & Capabilities

US Department of the Navy

Speakers: Dr. Crum, Shuoqi Chen

1300-1345 PM PT

14.3 Photonic Integrated Circuits: Assessment of State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Industrial Base Capabilities and Needs (PICASSO’S MUSICIANS)


Speakers: Dr. Joshua Hawke, Crane, Eric Kamp, BAH, Andrew Stark, Georgia Tech

1400-1445 PM PT

The T&AM RAMP Program: Results of Phase 2
33.1 Rapid Assured Microelectronics Prototypes: Modernizing the Approach to Defense Microelectronics


Speakers: Cody Wagner, RAMP Program Manager

1500-1530 PM PT

Advances in Electronic Materials and Processes

Nano OPS, Inc. 

Speakers: Ahmed Busnaina, CTO

1545-1630 PM PT

FPGA Security
22.1 Starbleed Effects and Countermeasures for 7-series and Ultrascale(+) AMD-Xilinx FPGAs
22.3 MicroBitstreams: Reducing Configuration Time of Encrypted Bitstreams


Speakers: Chris Sozio, Dr. Adam Duncan

1630-1700 PM PT

38.1 SCATE: Side Channel Analysis Testbench Emulator
P.24 Root Causing and Automatic Patching of Fault Injection Vulnerabilities


Speakers: Jasper van Woudenberg, CTO