What are the benefits of NSTXL membership?


The most valuable benefit of joining NSTXL is the ability to bid on our exclusive solicitations.  Our government customers mandate that you must be a member to submit a bid. NSTXL also offers many other benefits to its members, including:

  • Membership to all of the OTAs we manage.
  • Ability to ►
What are the benefits of NSTXL membership?2024-05-13T13:12:33-07:00

How do I become a member of NSTXL?


To become a member of NSTXL, ensure you have a CAGE code, DUNS number, and if applicable, a JCP-signed Form DD2345. Once you meet these criteria, complete the Membership Application. Submit your application along with payment and following a brief (usually 1 business day) requirement review, your ►

How do I become a member of NSTXL?2024-05-13T13:09:41-07:00

Does my company need a CAGE code?


Yes, each organization is required to have a CAGE code. If a company has conducted business with the U.S. Government, it should include their CAGE code on their Membership Application. All applying members are required to include their CAGE code when submitting the Membership Application.

Does my company need a CAGE code?2021-09-20T14:49:36-07:00

What is a CAGE code?


The Commercial and Government Entity Code, or CAGE Code, is a unique identifier assigned to suppliers to various government or defense agencies, as well as to government agencies themselves and various organizations. CAGE codes provide a standardized method of identifying a given facility at a specific location.

A CAGE code and ►

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What is a DUNS number?


A data universal numbering system or DUNS number is a unique, nine-digit series of numerals that identifies a business. Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) creates the number, which generates a business profile in its database and provides a company’s name, phone number, address, number of workers and line of business, along with ►

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