Latest Past Events

2023 Microelectronics Commons Annual Meeting

The Microelectronics Commons empowers commercial leaders to guide the DoD’s efforts in microelectronics development, bridging the gap from lab to fab. The success of The Microelectronics Commons depends on continued collaboration throughout the microelectronics community. To provide the foundation for that environment, The Microelectronics Commons program team is hosting the 2023 Microelectronics Commons Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., October 17-18. The event will feature DoD leadership, keynote speakers, technical updates, and teaming programs. Invitees include members of industry, government, and academia.

2023 SpEC General Member Meeting (GMM)

The 2023 SpEC General Member Meeting provides participants with direct access to Space Systems Command leadership who are ready to share level-one knowledge of what is needed now and next, and why. Join us for two days of learning and networking with fellow SpEC members and SSC leaders at the 2023 program. All sessions will be held at the Los Angeles Marriott with a small number of keynote sessions available virtually for those unable to travel.

Webinar | Funding Through Your Business Lifecycle


During this webinar, you will learn about the various types of lending available at different stages of your business' growth. In this presentation, our host will discuss the key questions you should ask your banking partner in order to determine your "bankability" and potential sustainability. The purpose of this webinar is to examine the most valuable sources of unconventional lending and the significance of these sources. Furthermore, you will uncover how to create a growth strategy tailored to an organization's industry, needs, and timeline that incorporates all possible cash infusions. Members are only permitted to attend this webinar, but if you're interested in attending, please contact [email protected].

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