You Helped Us Raise $212,000 for Team Rubicon Global’s Efforts to Combat Coronavirus

We did it…Together!

Thanks to the support of our amazing NSTXL network, together we donated a total of $212,000 to Team Rubicon Global to help combat COVID-19. Read more about our April “Double Down” campaign match here.

We are inspired by the generosity of our members, partners, friends, family, and everyone who “Doubled Down” on their donations, helping to make an even greater impact!

Thank you for your donation, and for making a difference with NSTXL. 

About Team Rubicon Global

Team Rubicon Global builds, trains, and supports a global network of veteran-led disaster relief organizations that provide aide in the wake of humanitarian crises and natural disasters. They are a network united in a passion for service and the skills to make a difference in the face of this global challenge. Every dollar goes to furthering their mission to help where it is needed globally. Learn more…