Investments Toward a Healthier Future

Venture Capital Funding for Rapid Healthcare Innovation

We connect commercial innovators with venture capitalist and investment opportunities to help fund DoD aligned prototype and research development. Together, we can accelerate the ideation, testing, and development of mission-critical medical countermeasures and health technology, ahead of a global crisis.

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Access Funding to Rapidly Advance Medical Countermeasures

Leveraging a network of VC’s with a shared mission for enhancing Medical Countermeasures (MCM) and Healthcare technology, state-of-the-art technologies are developed faster than ever before.

From seed to growth, we can help you find capital to advance your research and prototyping technologies in support of DoD missions.

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We are looking for innovators specializing in Medical Research, Biomedical, Pharma, Hospital Systems, Medical Logistics, Medical Retail, or Clinical Care Communities, to meet DoD identified emerging needs.


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Your Success Is Our Priority

Regardless of your DoD experience, your technology can help advance National Security. Just last year, our network contributed to some of the most prominent government projects worth more than $900M in value. Over half of these opportunities were awarded to ‘new to defense’ organizations. Subscribe to the network and be the first to know when projects are released.