Mike Dodd
VP of Strategic Partnerships

Mike Dodd is vice president of strategic relationships at the National Security Technology Accelerator (NSTXL) where he works with a broad range of individuals and groups, government customers, large defense contractors and non-traditional startups. His role involves connecting dots and causing “meaningful collisions” between those with a common goal of creating cutting-edge technology to serve our national security interests.

A retired Mustang Marine Corps Infantry officer, Dodd served with distinction in the Marine Corps for 11 years. He held leadership roles as a rifle platoon commander, rifle company executive officer, OIC for the 1st Marine Division scout sniper school and operations officer of the 1st Marine Reconnaissance Company before service-related injuries led to his early retirement..

In the private sector, Dodd has been assisting dozens of clients win and perform on government contracts for nearly two decades, with total contract values exceeding $1.2B. He serves on the executive leadership team for the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum, a national nonprofit with more than 3,600 members whose charter is to connect academics and nontraditional defense companies with national security programs.