NSTXL Success: Supporting Clients When OSD Calls

NSTXL Success is an ongoing series of stories that highlight some of the innovative work that we’ve done with our valued government clients, members, and partners.

Problem: When the Office of the Secretary of Defense division issued a priority action to our S2MARTS client, their contracting staff was not prepared for the overnight surge. Based on current workload and the complexity of the new tasking, the team determined it would “take weeks” to produce the first RFS draft.

Solution: Upon receipt of the projected timeline, the project owner reached out to NSTXL’s acquisition experts, and we provided a draft RFS within 24 hours.

Outcome/Metrics: The RFS was reviewed favorably by the contracting and program staff, deemed legally sufficient by counsel, and released the same week, ultimately shifting the RFS launch date to the left by over a month. OSD’s leadership was thrilled with NSTXL’s ability to augment the Government team.