NSTXL Success: Saving a Project When the Team Disbands

NSTXL Success is an ongoing series of stories that highlight some of the innovative work that we’ve done with our valued government clients, members, and partners.

Problem: Our client selected a Silicon Valley-backed startup to develop an advanced, solid-state energy recovery system to recover waste heat from generators to reduce fuel consumption. Two months before prototype delivery, the company was sold, and the buyer announced intentions to discontinue the prototype work.

Solution: NSTXL reacted quickly, working with the team to identify new vendor options. After we vetted a new prime, we convinced them of the project’s value and negotiated the transfer of IP rights. For the program office, we developed an acceptable new delivery and testing plan to ensure the prototype data and IP would belong to the government upon completion.

Outcome/Metrics: Despite the change in performer mid-stream, this project was successfully completed on budget because of our efforts.