NSTXL Success: Discovering the “Art of the Possible” Over the Holidays

NSTXL Success is an ongoing series of stories that highlight some of the innovative work that we’ve done with our valued government clients, members, and partners.

Problem: The Navy was on the hook to release a critical modernization project RFP but didn’t know what innovations had been developed by the private sector.

Solution: In just 30 days, NSTXL organized and facilitated an Industry Sprint with 200 innovators (including 110 non-traditionals). NSTXL’s strong relationships with a broad network meant that working through the holidays was not a barrier to delivering this critical event. We broke down the Navy’s needs and provided critical feedback that it then used to craft its RFP.

Outcome/Metrics: The session enabled the Navy to make up for lost time and illuminated new ways forward. The prototype was ultimately awarded to two new entrants into the ecosystem (one traditional and one non-traditional).

MBPS Success Story