Member-Focused Educational Series Highlights NIST Cybersecurity Compliance

NSTXL and Advisicon are excited to announce a new education series for members focused on Cybersecurity. This three-part series will outline cyber threats that could impact your organization and clarify how to resolve your issues today, all while preparing the next steps to NIST compliance.

The first session of the series, a webinar entitled “Security Awareness: Cyber Threats at your Doorstep,” will kick off on July 21.

All three sessions are now open for registration. Click on each session to learn more and register today! Not a member? Click here to join.

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These one-hour events will take place from 12 PM PDT / 3 PM EDT.

Cybersecurity threats may seem fleeting; however, data theft, breach, or exposure can have an enduring and damaging impact on your organization. In Part One of our three-part webinar series on NIST Cybersecurity Compliance, we will explore and discuss various cyber threats you may face and examine the business impact data theft, breaches, and exposures may have on your organization.

So, you suspect your organization has some issues that will prevent it from becoming NIST 800-171 compliant; however, you are unsure if you have a full handle on ALL the issues. Additionally, you are not sure where to begin the discovery process. Join us for Part Two of our NIST Cybersecurity Compliance webinar series, where you will gain insight into both the tools and processes you can leverage to help achieve your organization’s goal of becoming NIST compliant. 

You have compiled (or perhaps “piled”) tons of information from your organizational NIST compliance readiness assessment, and now you are ready to take action to mitigate those problem areas. Join us for Part Three of our NIST Cybersecurity Compliance webinar series to explore and discuss the required (and hopefully) final steps you should take to move your organization toward the seemingly elusive goal of NIST 800-171 compliance.