Meet the New SpEC Director: Mike Malinowski

November 27, 2023
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Meet Mike Malinowski, the new Space Enterprise Consortium (SpEC) director here at NSTXL. Mike started his role in October, diving right into his role managing the multiple active projects within the SpEC Other Transaction Authority (OTA).

Current Role

As the NSTXL director of SpEC, Mike is responsible for facilitating alignment with Space Systems Command (SSC) to manage all SpEC projects and efforts. He aims to leverage his role to grow and accelerate NSTXL’s ability to serve the SSC. His goals are to increase membership within SpEC and bring fresh ideas from industry to Government in order to put the best available technology in the hands those protecting the U.S. space domain.

“I enjoy working with acquisition command teams as well as the end users, because this provides the ability to leverage a large consortium to bring the best solutions to the Department of Defense (DoD),” said Mike Malinowski. “I have seen the good and bad of various consortiums as well as the dramatic growth in use of the Other Transaction Authority to deliver advanced capabilities. Right now, I see the urgent need for space-based capabilities – we rely on space for everything from navigation, communications, ISR and domain awareness. I believe there is a great deal of growth opportunity and synergy between NSTXL and the consortiums we manage.”

About Mike

Previous to NSTXL, Mike served as the vice president of Strategic Partnerships at Mercury Systems, where he led the development and execution of business strategies alongside the Department of Defense. He also accumulated close to 10 years of management experience at General Dynamics Missions Systems and The Boeing Company. Prior to that, he worked as an engineer for Argon ST, a subsidiary of The Boeing Company. Additionally, he has more than 20 years of experience in the C4ISR domain. Mike is an accomplished Veteran of the US Navy and holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland and an MBA from George Mason University.

“My experience serving in the U.S. Navy provided me with leadership opportunities and the ability to overcome various mission challenges. My time in the military gave me an understanding and appreciation for the end users in the field.  I will always feel a strong connection to the warfighter and enjoy working with the DoD to provide innovative solutions to help them win the fight.”

About SpEC

SpEC was created in 2017 through the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center in order to bridge the cultural gap between military buyers and commercial space startups and small businesses through Other Transaction Agreements (OTAs). The OTA’s innovative contracting process allows SpEC to solicit bids from a mix of member companies including companies that have not previously worked with the DoD.

“Technology is moving so fast that traditional three to five year acquisition cycles cannot keep pace. The use of the Other Transaction Authority can significantly reduce contract timelines and allow the government to acquire advanced prototypes to quickly assess and demonstrate mission essential capabilities,” said Mike.

The Space Enterprise Consortium minimizes barriers to entry for small businesses and non-traditional vendors, promotes integrated research and prototyping efficiencies and leverages partnerships to increase flexibility and agility, reduce cost, improve technology and decrease program development cycles.

“I look forward to supporting Space Systems Command (SSC) and working with the SpEC Consortium to deliver the capabilities necessary to the U.S. to operate and dominate in space!”


SpEC Membership allows for facilitated connections with other members and industry leaders. Members also have access to every opportunity within the NSTXL network, allowing them to compete for any opportunities that fit their capabilities. Working across all branches of Government contracting and some of the most prominent divisions of the DoD, the opportunity for innovation is limitless. Members also can attend Project TalX events hosted by Government leadership, educational webinars, annual meetings and more. Learn more about the benefits of membership here.

You can connect with Mike on LinkedIn or reach out to our team at to schedule a call.

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