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It's easier than ever to join NSTXL. NSTXL membership gives your firm access to all our OTAs (including TReX, DTIC, and all future OTAs) as well as a wealth of member benefits and information.

4 simple steps to membership

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Fill out the application

Agree to our “Principles of Engagement” form required by the government

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Annual Dues


Annual Revenues
< $10M $250
$10M – $50M $1,000
$50M – $100M $5,000
$100M + $10,000


Annual Revenues
< $50M $500
$50M – $100M $5,000
$100M+ $10,000

Academic & Other

Entity Types Dues
University $2,500
Laboratory $2,500
Incubator $500
Investor $2,500

Check all that apply to your organization to qualify for membership