Benefits Of Membership

NSTXL members receive services that give you an edge in contracting with the federal government. In addition to the ability to bid on government opportunities, NSTXL members gain access to tools that create collaboration and partnering opportunities, expand your organization’s tool box, increase your profile with potential government buyers, and learn how to improve your chances of winning new work! Whether you are a start-up or Fortune 500, a university or non-profit, incubator or investor, NSTXL is dedicated to supporting your mission. Explore the membership benefits below.

Rapid Contracting

Propose new prototypes for consideration by our government customers and suggest existing contracts to move through an OTA.

Govt Project Opportunities

Submit proposals in response to government prototype needs.

Mentorship and Education

Gain access to our Learning Center with informational webinars, instructional 'how-to' guides, and exclusive interviews with key government customers

Challenge Events

Participate in NSTXL's innovative events including industry sprints and demo days.


Get customized alerts sent to your computer or phone so you never miss an opportunity and are always informed.


Find new partners and opportunities for collaboration with our members only teaming app, NSTXL Community. We host both virtual and live collaboration events, where you can meet peers, potential new customers and teaming partners.