Our Consortium

NSTXL is a consortium of corporate, academic/research and investment entities working to deliver innovative solutions to national defense customers. Our diverse membership allows broad access to technologies for our government partners. Our members include:


  • Non-Traditional and Traditional Defense Contractors
  • Technology Incubators
  • Service Companies (Law, Consulting, Engineering, etc)


  • Universities
  • Private Laboratories
  • Government Laboratories


  • Venture Capital
  • Project Finance
  • Angel Investors

Membership Benefits Include:

  • Access to all open consortium face-to-face/phone/web briefings with DoD program leadership
  • Access to all DOD requirements passing through NSTXL
  • Discounted registration for employees to all NSTXL Partner Events and Challenges
  • Participation in the Annual NSTXL Consortium Membership Networking Program
  • Early Notification to all Technology-Challenge programs in partnership with DOD
  • Access to all NSTXL generated white-papers, innovation reports and data
  • Access to NTXL Membership Contact Information

Inquire about Membership

NSTXL is proud to have been selected to manage the Training and Readiness Accelerator - TReX. To be added to a TReX mailing list to receive updated consortium and membership details, please simply follow the link below.