On April 30, 2015, NSTXL was awarded a $100M Other Transaction Authority (OTA) by the Department of Defense to advance and expand new technologies and accelerate the research and development cycle of prototypes for energy-related research and development efforts.

OTAs for prototype projects are acquisition instruments for DoD under 10 U.S.C. 2371 to provide flexibility from traditional FAR requirements to ease access innovative technologies.  The policy is designed to encourage increased participation from non-traditional defense contractors.  As such, the OTA provides an efficient mechanism for Government to rapidly pursue, develop, and assess technology for prototype development from the private sector

Since our award, NSTXL has engaged, and continue to engage, various agencies within DoD to understand their current challenges and identify technology gaps to launch prospecting efforts within our network to develop prototype of technology solutions.

Government funding for prototype through this OTA can only be awarded to NSTXL members.

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OTA Process

  1. Needs Identification
  2. Prospect for Technology (White Paper)
  3. Select Technology
  4. Initiative Proposal (RFP)
  5. Initiative Agreement
  6. Initiative Award
  7. Launch Initiative
  8. Deliver Prototype